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Zach is a digital media strategist from Boston, MA. His passions revolve around building communities, creating content and developing brands specifically using new media tools. He knows that when you put your mind to anything, it can be achieved.

After reading one too many Seth Godin articles and watching Gary Vaynerchuck keynotes before bed every night, Zach knows a unique path is possible with enough hustle.

What Zach Has Done:

-Produced and hosted 35 live weekly web broadcasts.
-Created 10+ E-Books to help build brand and generate sales.
-Written 250+ Blog Posts.
-Generated 250,000+ Youtube Views.
-Filmed and edited 10+ video guides to help community.
-Produced over 25 Live Radio Shows on Boston Radio.
-Produced “Backtalk” a nightly sports talk show for kids.
-Hosted 25+ Podcasts involving various topics.
-Hosted 25+ “Live Stream” events to broadcast and answer questions.
-Collaborated on a Wiki for users of his site, organizing massive amounts of information into helpful easy to use and digest format.
-Helped cultivate a 1500+ Member Forum in less than a year.
-Gained 750+ twitter followers by engaging the community.
-Earned trust and permission of subscribers through passion and hard work.

If you like this attitude or need information on how you too can think, work and LIVE for yourself, drop me an email here.


Zach Farley

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