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March 2, 2011 / zachfarley

Busting Through A Wall

I always get the question “I’m totally struggling right now, what is the best way to recover?”

We get into a natural rhythm and when things start to falter we lose our confidence. You don’t feel your creating value or bringing new ideas to the table.  So what if the routine and gameplan you usually follow just are not working any more!

Should you tweak, start over or keep pushing forward?

5 Steps to get your mojo back!

1. Complete 2-3 easy tasks.
This will get you a few small wins so you can remember what Winning (Sheen) feels like! You will have some confidence back!

2. Unplug
If you are feeling burnt out, take a rest from everything. Have a relaxing weekend and since you won before taking a break you don’t have to only thing about your recent struggles.

3. Review
What was working prior that has recently stopped being your go to move? The stressed out feeling can be a warning sign that your headed in the wrong direction so don’t ignore it. Listen and find out why you feel at a standstill.

Often times we are VERY hard on ourselves, if you continue working hard and can break through plateaus it will pay off in the end. Often it takes longer than we would like, but we are all capable of doing great things.

The internet is a great place to view successful stories, however many people don’t win on their 1st idea. You often feel like everyone is doing amazing things and you can’t keep up or don’t have the proper direction. Keep pushing it!

4. Set a new course
Set new goals and work in some new methods for success. You should feel refreshed and ready to attack new work!

5. Have fun
Remember everything you have built up, all the talent you have and how hard you have worked. Human emotions do come in waves, we often don’t realize the peaks but can be crushed by the valleys. Remember why you love your passion and all the hard work you have expended. Get out there and have some fun!

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