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February 16, 2011 / zachfarley

5 Easy Steps To Selling Online!

The 5 T’s of selling online
Building a blog and learning how to grind!

Topic- You must select a topic you are passionate about. You don’t have to be an expert yet, however you must have the long term focus  to become an expert in this topic. You need an idea and topic that will simply not leave your head and drives you insane day after day at your desk. The thing you would do when nobody paid you too! Then, you start writing down everything you know about this topic.
Once you have crafted enough content and carved out an audience this will lead to…

Trust – Trust Agents When you consistently deliver knowledge/service/ideas that people can NOT receive anywhere else, you will earn people’s trust. The more content you consistently deliver with a transparent goal in mind, the more trust you will earn.
This will trust will help turn your readers into more then just eyeballs, they will become a …

Tribe – Tribes Your consistent message and authority will cause your readers to rally around your idea/message/product because they believe in it. Soon, you will no longer promote your content because your passionate tribe and community will spread the word for you. This helps you focus on your products while listening to what your most hardcore fans desire. You should be developing your products based on their needs and wants.

Translate – Having a community and platform are great, but the purpose behind a business is to make money, otherwise you have a hobby! Offering a solution to people with a specific problem is easiest way to create income. The general concept is easy, but what is the most efficient way to get this done?

Test- Are you simply blogging when podcasting, e-books or quick videos may be more effective for your customers? Do you customers want huge posts once a week or are they looking for quick posts a couple times a day? Keep analyzing your data and feedback to deliver what your market craves.

The best websites never started with a sales pitch in mind! They were started by people who couldn’t find the information they desired. The creators captured like minded people by giving them a limited resource or a place to feel comfortable.
Take that topic that won’t leave your mind and start creating!

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