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January 21, 2011 / zachfarley

Why You Need A Passion!

As far as I can tell, having a passion seems to be the key to life. It has been credited by Napoleon Hill in his time tested books, Parents who say “follow your dreams” and lately by Gary Vaynerchuck who urges you to cash in on your passion!

So why is having a passion so paramount in helping to deliver success in business and in life?
When you have a passion, you can spend time working and thinking about it for hours at a time. You get “in the zone” and can look up 8 hours later without realizing the time flash. Using your passion as a springboard allows you to learn  other skills without blinking and delivers context to everything along the way!

Things I have learned through my passion of John Madden football by EA Sports…

Final Cut Pro – Making video guides, trip highlight packages  and tip videos for our community.
If I didn’t have this drive from Madden, I wouldn’t have anything to edit on Final Cut and spend hours learning, tweaking and creating!

Real World Skill: Once I learned FCP, I took my flip camera on my vacation to California and Las Vegas. I then edited down all the footage into a nice 5 minute video with music. My friends on the trip enjoyed it and it gave us a nice memory from the week!

Website Skills: I started my site by buying a domain and really having NO idea how to build it. The first couple of design’s were awful and even the “blog” style we went with was pretty ugly. The bottom line was learning how to tweak the template, creating good content and building a readership came due to Madden. It would have been impossible had I not LOVED the game and wanted to make a great resource to help people. That was years ago and now creating sites is very simple for me, but thinking back I don’t think I make it without the passion.
Wordpress also falls into this category. We updated our site a few years in and I have fell in love with WP. Between the widgets, plugins, themes, remote access, it is amazing!

Social Media: I am constantly reading up and learning how to best use “web 2.0” Madden has given me a reason to try all these new tools and platforms to extend my message. Whether its interacting with fans on twitter, creating youtube videos, live game streams via ustream, mailing lists etc., Madden has given me the message! When I read a Seth Godin or Chris Brogan article, I read their words and ideas and think how can I implement them in my community and it gives them great context.

Business: Being in the center of a small business has been a great experience at my day job. It allows me to head home at night and try the ideas in my own context without needing approval or sitting through meetings! I can launch ideas (even bad ones) instantly and always tweak them later which is a huge luxury. I am capitalizing on 20 years of business knowledge and trying them out on my own via my passion.

Next up, Photoshop!
I want to learn Adobe CS5 so bad. The problem is whenever I open it up, I say now what?  I don’t really have a direct need for it. Lately though, I realized that creating banners for my site would be excellent. So, now I have a project in mind and will start researching and making sample ones. I’m sure the first 50 I make will look awful, but since its for something I love, the time will fly!

Not to mention, its a great way to sit in the basement and play video games all day!

What has your passion helped you learn?

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