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January 14, 2011 / zachfarley

Marketing Myth : Keep Making Content – The Rest Will Come Later

I’m always hearing “Don’t worry about the SEO, keywords and links, just keep pumping out the content and it won’t matter”

Now, content is huge, but if your going to spend the time creating it, why not have it optimized to bring you max results?

If your going to work out and expend all that energy, why not diet correctly to not waste your time and energy?

Our first website was absolutely miserable at getting inbound traffic. However, it was our first site ever and it was just a hobby so we kept on writing articles and making a few videos.  The key was talking to a web developer and having him create a new website for us. This instantly did a few things for us.

-Refocused our keywords and site mission
– Helped keep older content relevant and searchable
– Gave us credibility
– Allowed better display of important content
-Easier to integrate 3rd party community building tools

I believe that people who give you the keep creating content speech are trying to help you. However, you should atleast have a plan and strategy for driving more inbound links to your site.

One correlating idea is that people should start saving money for your retirement and put it anywhere, it doesn’t matter. Just start saving! Yes, while starting and maintaining is huge, the whole point is to eventually figure out how to do the most with that money! If you realized all that you could be learning with a few extra hours a week, it could honestly add up to millions over a lifetime.

The 80/20 principal is a good way to get started and over the hump (most blogs, plans, diets) flame out quickly. However, once you have a routine cemented, start optimizing and making the most out of your work!

P.S. – I’m Guilty! The inspiration is from me! We have 250+ hours of content and were not a top page search for our keyword. Once you get here, your gonna stay! However, we need to harness the billions of searches taking place every day.
My strength was my hobby and not the web development stuff so you put it off, but we can be better!

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