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December 29, 2010 / zachfarley

Tackling Old Problems

I originally called this post tackling new problems, hopefully you tackle them when they are still new, rather than old!

We have our main site domain ( with forums hosted at forumotion. For a year know we have been  considering making the forums show up under so that we can earn the traffic. We were unsure of how exactly to do this and the lack of insight was PARALYZING. Every time we thought about it, it was a struggle, we just kept coming up with excuses as to why it was unable to happen. Or why it would be nice, but it didnt “really matter”
Pipes + Wires

We asked our site guy if he knew and said he would look into it, but a year later we were will strapped with the issue. Finally, I said enough. I’m not sure why or what caused the change, but I resolved to doing it myself. Nobody cares about you building your own company more than yourself. Even though you might not be the website guy, you might have to jump in and get your hands dirty.

1. Googled the issue – Found an FAQ on it
2. Quieted the room down and took a deep breath, TV off! Read the FAQ 10 times until in made sense, even read it out loud.
3. Asked myself what the worst that could happen was. Crash the forum or site for an hour or two, nothing critical.
4. Tried one thing, didnt work, re-read and made an adjustment to get it working.
5. Made a few additional site changes to reflect the update and even learned something new in the process.

Total Time – 12 minutes.

WHY did I allow something that could be fixed in 12 minutes to be wrong for over a year? 1 full year saying “that would be nice, but I’m not sure”. I am happy that I got it working but it made me realized how important routines are and why you need to reflect on them sooner rather than later. Not sure if it is the New Year where everyone resolves to changing up their routine or what, but something clicked.

Don’t let the fear paralyze you when tackling a new problem!

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