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December 22, 2010 / zachfarley

You Make Any Money With That?

The most common question people are asking about my website’s are “You Making Any Money With That?”


So, what attitude are they taking when they ask this question? Here is a little QBQ analysis from me (Question Behind the Question)

Some people’s tone with the question is a negative one. Where they are saying – Cool site, but I’m a lawyer making 6 figures and you blog out of your parent’s basement. So, you might be making money, but not more than me.

Some people have a happy tone because they think the work is easy. Cool, you play video games all day and make money? The get the wheels turning in their own head about screwing around all day and having a big pay day. They are excited to hear, yes I am making money with that.

Adults seem to have more of the …people will really pay for value online reaction? They seem to think the internet is get rich quick schemes and basement bloggers.

Younger adults seem to be resentful due to actually seeing someone doing what they want and following a passion. “You play video games while I slave away in corporate culture from 9-5 for the next 40 years.”

So, yes I am making money, but that is not the point. It’s more about doing something that I enjoy and have a passion for. It doesn’t cost much to maintain a site and live inexpensive.

The best is when someone genuinely wants to know and its not the first question that they blurt out. Then you have the ability to teach them and find out about what they love. Once they get talking and you can show them how to help people, they can be on their way to “making money with that”

What are people asking you and what are you making money with?

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