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December 15, 2010 / zachfarley

The Technology That Allows Me To Be Me!

If you are ever struggling for topics or motivation, check out this great post by Chris Brogan!
(Its like Rocky for Bloggers)

Is the Medium Still The Message?

Technology has allowed me to create a side business and continue to develop the skills that I am passionate about.

This post is less about the tools (twitter, wordpress, google docs) that I use and more how technology has influenced my life path so far.
Palm prototype

Cloud Computing – The ability to work from a desktop, laptop, work computer, cell phone or ipad has given enormous flexibility to my location. If someone purchases a product or has a quick question, I can access the web to give them a response ASAP. The question can come in from multiple platforms in the form of a tweet, email or text message, but the fact that it gets to me quickly and efficiently is more important. My ability to respond from nearly anywhere or access the information I need to respond is the biggest technological advantage I wouldn’t have had 10 years ago.

External Servers and Hosting- This is the basic idea behind cloud computing, all my information is stored elsewhere. Godaddy provides me with hosting while wordpress lets me log in and blog almost anywhere. In the future as I look to minimize my possessions and have the freedom to work from anywhere, this ability will be my greatest asset.

Quick devices – Think beyond the iphone, ipad, droid or samsung tablet. These small handheld devices have encouraged people to take their work on the go. Netbooks and the Macbook Air have given the user the ability to get work done quickly. Think about 4 years ago and the cell phone that you had, would you be able to get the job done with it? Think about your first laptop, how long did the battery actually last? When I look at old technology, I am grateful…grateful that newer technology has come out to replace it.

Yes, the first laptops were amazing, but imagine this thing at Starbucks?
First PowerBook

Wow, I wouldn’t forget the most important piece of the puzzle right?

The User, Community and Individual that I am producing this content for. Insert the tree falls in the forest quote here…

Your community and the people who give a crap about your voice are by far the most important thing that technology has brought. Forget working from anywhere, how about being able to access people from anywhere? You used to be limited by location and who you knew. Know you can access anyone, and open doors to meeting people so easily.

The greatest asset of the internet and technology as a whole is the spread of rapid information with incredible reach. This has made the cost of information less expensive, while increasing the value for those who know how to package and reach a specific audience.

Think 5 years back, what has changed for you?
Where will you be in 5 years?

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