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December 6, 2010 / zachfarley

New Site? Here Is How To Spend!

Many of my friends are looking to get into the “web game”  or “blogosphere”

Now, considering the follow through rate of websites is extremely low and how many people have limited resources, here is how I would spend.
Dirt Cheap

Domain name 10/yr – Register your “million dollar” idea on godaddy! I currently own 8 domains, although some how I don’t have 8 million dollars.

Beware – Extra charges on Godaddy, when initially registering, you hardly need all the upgrades they offer. You can always add that on later and who knows if your site will takeoff, stay basic.

WP hosting – 5 bucks a month

WordPress is the easiest way to actually have something show up on your domain name. Godaddy will install wordpress onto your site and you can log in and edit your site. It is very inexpensive on the basic level and one of the most user friendly ways to create a website. There are so many people creating plugins and forums talking about wordpress, that help is usually a few click away.

Beware – Overpaying for too much hosting. You probably aren’t getting to much traffic early or storing tons of videos or audio so stay basic.

Flip cam– Saw one of these for 99 bucks! (affiliate link) Gives you the ability to create content and create a youtube presence. So many people have these, it could be as simple as borrowing it on a Sunday and taping a bunch of stuff to edit!

Laptop– Your home base! Every bloggers dream is to work on a beach (right?) and this is your first step. You likely already have a laptop and most models are sufficient ($500 is enough for sure) No need for a home studio or a macbook pro yet, the key is to just get started! Your basically able to access your site from anywhere (friends computer, library, work computer) because everything is online in the “cloud”.

Twitter, Youtube, Google Analytics – Free. People get hung up on twitter, should I tweet, how do I tweet, what do I tweet, does anyone care? The important thing is to build a presence on multiple platforms to help bring traffic back to the main base (your site.)  If you make great video content, youtube is important, if you live stream video, ustream is important. There are so many free platforms and channels to reach people that it is more about finding the right one and not worrying about it. If you are actively engaging people that is all it takes!

Start typing! Even if your first passion doesn’t materialize, you won’t be in the hole. The key is to keep the costs low so you can sustain for a long time while you build up. I used to stream with a webcam (free) before eventually upgrading to a 200 dollar HD PVR stream. I needed to build up an audience and make sure people would show up, so why drop the 200 when I didn’t need to right away?

In this age, if you can provide great information and help people, your website will succeed. The lower you keep costs and less crazy gadgets you buy, the easier it will be to survive!

Good luck with that million dollar domain!

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