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November 24, 2010 / zachfarley

Lessons From Enron – “Smartest Guys In The Room” Documentary

Quick money is dangerous.
GM building

Things that feel great in the short term, usually don’t lead to long term prosperity. When you have short term vision and partake in poor habits you will not win long term.

Bad Eating, lack of Exercise = Poor health
No Budget, lack of planning = Poor Finances
Not listening, lack of caring = Poor relationships
All of these things are easier than the alternative!

Sacrifice is painful, but often its the only way you know your doing it right.
Trust me, nobody enjoys sacrifice. Giving up fast food and not buying the latest gadgets isn’t fun for anyone. However, if you seek long term success and have it pictured in your mind, you can get through the pain and into the gain!

Please don’t get rich quick, please dont get rich quick.

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