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November 10, 2010 / zachfarley

25 of the Best “Wire” Quotes to Reinforce Blogging Principles.

The Wire is an all time great show, the contrast between the police and dealers, good and evil, rich and poor is amazing. It creates a “believable” world that portrays the struggle of urban communities.

Here are 25 quotes that have correlation to blogging and starting a business online!

1. “Why are you wearing that suit? Its 85 degrees out here and your trying to look like Pat Riley”.

“Look the part, be the part” – Prop Joe

Proposition Joe is an amazing support charecter. He is rarely given focus on the show, but seems to always pop his head in during big moments.  Joe always looking to make “deals” and really has the perfect nickname.

They are simply talking about a basketball game here, but this quote reminds me of when I first started to believe in my business. If you are looking to be respected and taken seriously, you must “be the part”. If you want to be a web entrepreneur, it involves creating content, marketing yourself and staying up to date with the latest tools and trends. You need to market yourself to be the part you want to be, if not nobody will take you seriously!

2. “A man must have a code” – No doubt – Bunk and Omar

These two characters contrast each other perfectly. One is a well respected and hard working detective. The other is a lazy criminal who only robs drug dealers.

These man personify different traits but both understand “the code”.

What is your site about, what do you stand for, do you believe in authenticy? My site is about helping people become better and working hard to achieve that goal. If we suddenly switched up our code to try and sell every person rather than help them, we would be breaking our code. Changing what we stand for could turn our members against us and we worked so hard to earn their trust.

3. “If I hear the music, I’m gonna dance”. – Detective Greggs

Many people are using the web as an opportunity to work for themselves, while some still think it isn’t an option. They are so conditined to believe they must work 9-5 positions for the man and work the corporate ladder. They hear the buzz of web 2.0 and have side passions but ignore the sounds because of the fear.
These people are hearing the music but are afraid to dance, they don’t have to abandon anything yet and can simply start working on side projects. They need to start dancing though and convince themselves its not weird, even if people look at you like your are crazy.

4. “The Sunday truce is as old as the game itself, you can do some crazy stuff but NEVER on no Sunday”. – Avon Barksdale

Avon is my favorite charecter on the show, after one of his own members makes a mistake by starting a shootout on a Sunday (on the way to church!) he realizes his crew has broken its code.

You must make time for yourself to be away. It doesn’t have to be on Sunday, but if your wife asks you to put your phone away, be respectful. It is very easy to lose track of time and be tweeting while you should be watching your kids soccer game. Carve out some time to have a truce from your business and spend it with people close to you. Always try and disconnect, I constantly find myself laying in bed, hearing a tweet and then rolling over. Let it go, it will be there in the morning!

5. “I’ll take any persons money if he giving it away” – Clay Davis

This quote is from a corrupt politician on the show. These actions may make you prosper in the short term, however Senator Davis doesn’t do so well in the long term. Taking advantage of people is never a good option. When you actually help someone and deliver value, you end up with a long term relationship that is good for both parties. There is no reason to take money just because, always make sure you provide something in return.

6. “I thought I might legalize drugs” – Sgt. Bunny Colvin (Colvin in elevator with high ranking peers who chuckle)

While this story line was the most far fetched, when SGT. created “New Amsterdam” it certainly was a unique strategy. He was attempting something that had never been tried before rather than just maintaing the status quo. What is already being done in your industry and how can you innovate on that? How can you be different from the competition?
Colvin ended up getting removed from his duties, however his strategy did produce results. Some were negative (created a scary place after dark) Some were positive, (quieter corners in non-designated zone, health clinics)
It is just a tv show at the end of the day, but Colvin did think outside the box and implement something he thought could possibly help.

7.”I’ll do what I can do to help Y’all, but it is either play or get played” – Omar

You can have a mentor and take time thinking of great ideas, but the bottom line is you have to get started. Every day people are creating great content and not worrying about what their twitter handle should be. You need to get writing and creating rather than sitting around and thinking of the next big idea. Web 2.0 is taking off and even if you don’t have the skills yet, start to jump in and learn it. You WILL be able to pick it up as you go along. Start playing the game!

8. “Either do it or don’t, but I got some place to be”. – Marlo Stanfield.

Marlo is one of the softest talking charecters on the show, but he is all business. This quote represents how much time we spend talking about things rather than doing what we should. I love talking about the next steps my company plans on taking, rather than doing the day to day little things to make sure they occur. Tomorrow will come whether you work for it or not, so either do it or don’t.

9.  “Your gonna help, your gonna look out for me? Randy

Poor little Randy gets caught “snitching” and only after he is beaten up does someone offer to help. It shows how, someone can get you started and help but in the end you are responsible for yourself. If you count on others to take care of you, you will get caught in some tough situations. Learning about your site and niche all fall back on you and unfortunately it can be hard to trust people to follow through.

10. “Worrying about you is like wondering if the sun is going to come up” – Omar

Omar has a rival who he knows will be coming after him much like businesses have competitors. If you spend your time looking over your shoulder at your competitors and what they are doing, you lose focus on your own company. Your competition is going to keep coming at you and you have to stay focused and not react to them, you need to keep innovationg on your own and being authentic in your own way!

11. “Did he have hands? Did he have a face? Then it wasn’t us” – Russian

Every business puts their own touch on things. Each site has its own identity and calling card known as branding. When you brand something, make sure its something you want to be known for and be very delibirate about it. The more authentic and unique the item is, the more value it will bring in the marketplace.

12. “This is my corner, I ain’t going nowhere” – Bodie (Eerily similar to newspapers not going to online format)

During Bodie’s last stand, he tries to defend the corner he spent so long earning. If you are sticking by an idea or opportunity that is dying, why not get out? Bodie ends up dying for what? Perhaps you are the last person on myspace because you originally got started there, why stay on a dying platform? Always be innovating and don’t be stubborn to change.

13. “You juke the stats enough and Majors become Colonels”. – Prez

Stats are an important way of measuring your progress as a site and business. ROI in social media is a common cry from more business minded people who think tweeting is useless. However, there are easy ways to gain big amouts followers and none of them are better than the sheer act of interacting which is very hard to scale. Yes, you can juke the stats to earn 3,000 followers on twitter, but if they aren’t real people who care and respect your brand, what good is it?

14. “What do you do for a living Mr Little?” “I rob drug dealers” – Omar

People may laugh at Omar’s non traditional profession, however he is making quite a bit of money doing it. When people ask you about your work and you respond with blogger, do they also chuckle? Do they laugh when you tell them you are doing what you love? Something that challenges you daily and you have a passion for unlike your 9-5? Do they laugh at your freedom to work from anywhere?

15. “The game is the game, period”.  “Same as it ever was”. Avon and Stringer

Whether back in the 1800’s or right now in the age of technology, business concepts still apply. If you are a butcher now or  back then, you still rely on word of mouth marketing and interacting with customers. Yes, the tools you use may have evolved over time, but the straight business behind the sale has been the same forever.

16. “Boring ain’t it? Man I do what y’all do every day and now all I wanna do is get high” – Bubbles

Bubbles is the addict on the show. He follows the police as an informant for just one day and has already had enough. The police illustrate how long it takes to set up a wire and how monotonous it can be. Same with blogging and running a business. Not every post is a homerun or makes it to the top of Digg. There are days that it is a grind, but you have to hustle through. Those looking for quick wins or who don’t have the ethic, like bubbles, wont last.

17. “I love the first day of school, everyone is all friendly and stuff”

When your first starting out, you have the ability to ask questions and get legitimate feedback. People are always willing to help newcomers to the scene. It can seem like other companies and sites are miles ahead of you, but remember the all started there and you can find a mentor who will guide you along.

18. Look, any man standing at the end of a round, you can’t call him soft. Thats a rule. – Cutty

Business is hard and even if one venture or site fails, you must keep moving. Nobody can put you down if you give it an honest effort and keep trying. You aren’t going to win every round and as long as you stay on your feet, people will respect you for getting in the ring.

19. “Meaning no disrespect, but I a’int cut out to be no CEO”. – Slim Charles

Small Businesses are very unique because their are so many roles people must take on even if they aren’t cut out for it. Some days you might have to be the CEO, other days the secretary and some days even take out the trash. Try not to put labels on the job and just focus on getting the task done. You have the entrepreneurial mindset for a reason and should always look to expand your skill set no matter what the job requires.

20. “I think you play in the dirt, you get dirty.” McNulty

Be careful what other companies and sites you associate yourself with. If you get lumped in promoting or working with a untrustworthy site, people will think of you as one. Always think about your brand and what your members needs are, rather than a quick opportunity to make some money.

21. “The Crown ain’t worth much, if the person wearing it is always getting his stuff took” Marlo

If you are number one for a second and stop to proclaim it, someone will take it from you. You can’t stop to admire the view from the top and must continue doing what got you there. How do you think the Seth Godin’s and Chris Brogan’s got to where they are? By doing work and not admiring the crown.

22. “Business or pleasure for you? Business, always business.” The Greek

Do you look for opportunities within every day conversations to create more business? How can you leverage your current network and contacts to create more opportunity? Always keep your eyes open during your daily routine for ways to get more business.

23. You don’t ever want to be the last man to a party, you feel me? -Monk

It is very dangerous to be the last man. If you are coming in trying to capatilze on the market, than you are already steps behind. Look what happened to the last people in on the housing market? Bubble popped and many lost it all. You want to be innovating and creating the party rather than showing up late and looking for scraps.

24. “My name is not my name, and you, to them you are only the greek… And of course, I’m not even greek!”

You can brand yourself however you wish. As long as you present yourself as an expert in the field and prove to be authentic through hustle, people won’t know the difference. Perhaps you don’t want to use your real name to start, that is okay. Create a new online name but make sure that you back it up with a consistent and authentic voice to start building your brand.

25. “If anyone ask you if you in this game, you tell them you in it for life. Alright? You play it hard, you play it tight and you make sure they know you are gonna stand by your people”. D’angelo to Wallace!

The number one reason online blogs fail is because people abandon them. If you can commit to your site and make an honest effort, you will succeed. It can be hard to get traction and readership, however, once you have created an identity and voice it will be easier to attract readers. Many people don’t subscribe to new blogs because they are afraid you will abandon them. People are afraid to buy online because they are worried if the product and seller are legitimate. However, if you are being authentic and working hard on your business, people will respect that and you will earn their trust. When people know you are going to stand by your blog and whatever product you sell, you have earned the first step to suceeding in the game. Trust is earned through hard work and doing the right thing, hope you are in it for life!

-Thanks for reading!


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  1. fred lewis / Nov 15 2010 2:51 am

    I love the wire also. My son got me hooked. He got me the 4 season dvd set. I also dvr it on sundays. M quote is: “you come at the King, You best not miss,” Omar.

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