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November 2, 2010 / zachfarley

“So Many People Are Already Doing That”

Whats your excuse? You there, yes you!

I am constantly talking with new college graduates who are unhappy with their 9-5 or not sure what they want to do with their career. I always move the conversation towards their passion, what do you do when your not working? What would you see yourself doing everyday if nobody paid you, do that!  However, too many times, I hear it’s not an option because… “too many people are already doing it”

Here are some reasons that is totally incorrect!

1. They are NOT doing “it” like you would be!

Say you have a deep interest in fashion, but can’t visualize the gap between your current dead end job and ordering models around the runway as they wear your clothes. It’s okay, neither can most people. The most important thing is getting started talking and listening about fashion EVERY DAY! You write about it, talk about it, dream about it.

Your initial effort and brand will be small and initially feel no traction. You will spend time interacting on the established sites and be in awe of their member base and readership. However, as you build up, you will recognize your unique voice in the fashion market and your type of member will emerge. You don’t need to get people to switch over, there is room for YOU. Be yourself.

2.  When you hang out online (blogs, forums, twitter etc), you only see the people who are “doing it”

Think about the last time you were at the gym, how many of those people are on twitter or thinking about fashion all day? Not Many. When you hang out in your industry’s big online community, you are in a very specialized magnified field and you feel like a small fish. But, how about when your at a dinner gathering and you start talking about fashion with your friends? You are the top dog and all the time you spend reading and listening to experts in your field really comes out. When you leave a blog or forum, you think “wow they know so much!” However, when you leave a dinner party after passionately talking about fashion, your offline friends feel the same way!

There is room for you, and if you are good enough and truly passionate about it, people will be able to tell. Remember, your not looking to fit in, your looking to create!

3. What are you doing now?

You want to be in fashion, instead you are in insurance. You know the basics, but in your mind, its just a quick stop to pay off some loans because your friends father owns the company.

How many people are doing insurance? TONS.
If you aren’t innovating in any industry, which is nearly impossible if you genuinely don’t LOVE something, you will fail. Just because insurance seems comfortable at the moment, doesn’t mean it isn’t as cutthroat as fashion. New insurance companies are forming online  and local businesses are utilizing new media tools to stay entrenched. You can make similar money as a low level employee in both fields, however in one you have an interest and that leads to unlimited growth opportunity. People are doing big things in EVERY field and they all look crowded at the bottom. However its tough to get on the elevator to the top floor if you don’t care about pushing your way on to it and asking for the top floor, knowing its where you are meant to be. Trust me, the person pressing the button will know if you really mean it by the sound of your voice. You can hear passion and confidence and see the way someone stands up straight. TOP FLOOR!

If you build it, they will come!

Also replace all the bold “fashion” with your passion and read again! Then get to work!



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  1. @sgibs7 / Nov 3 2010 12:53 am

    Totally agree. I think that most dont have the confidence to do something that seems like such a large task.

    Baby steps!

  2. Nick Roth @Nitka32 / Nov 3 2010 11:28 pm

    Great write up! Right on the money man. I love the saying “You miss 100% of the shots you dont take”. You just got to get started I think thats the hardest part. Nice work.

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