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July 15, 2009 / zachfarley

Welcome to the Offical Blog for Zach Farley

Here on this blog, I look forward to sharing tips and lessons about becoming one with your target market.  The internet has absolutely changed the way business will be done from this point forward. Web 2.0 is here now and already building upon this amazing foundation.

The consumer of tomorrow is educated and knowledgeable about the products and tools they will be surrounding themselves with. At their fingertips at any moment seems like thousands of possible products and lessons. We can be on top of that list!

I believe in selling experiences and feelings rather than products made of cheap plastic from overseas. There is something about talking with someone about food, travel, or sport that cultivates an amazing attitude of passion inside them. This creates a unique buyer/seller experience that leads to amazing brand development.

When I speak with young companies, I can consistently hear the passion and honesty which sits inside of them. After listening intently, I go to work creating a comprehensive game plan to put their intellect and craving to help people in gear. This is why we are here!

I look forward to sharing some experiences with people out there about what makes marketing the best job in the world…


Zach Farley

If you have any questions or comments please contact me JZFarley(at)


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