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June 18, 2008 / zachfarley

A Great Year In My Sports Life

Alright, So the Boston Celtics just had the biggest turnaround in league history and won the NBA Title. It was an amazing season to watch with the additions of KG, Ray, Posey, House and maybe even Sam-I-Am.

Anyway over the last 10 or so months, I have seen an entire lifetime worth of incredible moments in sports. They all have been jam packed into this period and mostly everything I could want to see has happened.

It all started around 10-11 months ago when the Celtics began shuffling for that lottery position. I sat in my basement watching them lose and and was secretly delighted. Engaging in debates about who to select with that pick we were absolutely getting. Because I counted all my chickens before they hatched I pretty much took a dump in my pants when they received the number 5 draw in the lottery. The C’s had once again been screwed by the ping pong balls, just like in 1997 when we lost out on Mr. Duncan and his potential 4 championships.

So sports radio became abuzz with chatter about all the potential scenarios and kept me locked in to what would happen. Then we traded for Ray on draft night and the potential for more was there. Next it was said that KG didn’t want to play here or wasn’t interested. Boston is a racist city and all that good stuff. He seemed pretty happy last night and we have some good fans. Anyway we gave away alot of players, potential and scrubs to get him. AL Jeff, Gerald green, Ryan Gomes(would love to have him around), Sebastian Telfair (Peace), and we dumped Wally and Delonte to Seattle for Ray with our 5 and (Jeff Green.)

So the Celtics had a whole new look and hype. But, we would have to wait and see because the Red Sox were closing out another solid season and looking for a second title in 87 years.

Flash Forward, at a Boston College opening Football game in Sept, vs Wake (BC eventually ranked as high as 2 during the season) after the game the Sox were on and Clay Bucholz was making history. He threw a no-hitter that night and just added to the overall awesomeness of this year. Just being legally able to drink, in boston, and excited were all good things that were happening.
The Sox kept rolling that Sept and into October where they demolished the angels in the first round. (similar to 04) This of course leads to one of my favorite Manny ramblings, “when you cant hit the ball good but then you hit the ball you bad man” or something similar.

We moved onto Cleveland and watched the Sox do something that was impressive but we had seen from them before in an Alcs. They fell behind 3-1 to the Indians. There were some close games at the end that we just blew, (Gagne) but when we had to win we would. 7 more in a row. Not as good as 8 like in 04 but it was enough. Beckett was huge along with Papelbon. The offense got hot and we disposed of the rockies in another sweep. We destroyed them, go back and take a look, they had won about 21 of their last 22 BUT they were manhandled in the series. Maybe to much rest, maybe the sox are just nasty, anyway the Red Sox were world champions again.

So freshman year in college we beat the Yankees down 0-3 by the way, and ended the curse and went nuts around campus. Senior year we won again and went nuts around campus, we let the freshman take charge of the gathering and they took us down all around campus in a frenzy. This was a great beginning and end to college.

So that was my first “ship” of the year and it felt pretty good. 04 was better because i was more wide eyed but still one I would not forget. Who knew it wouldn’t be my favorite of the year?

Because ladies and gentlemen back in Foxborough, the New England Patriots were on a 16-0 pace for the perfect season. This would be an unprecedented mark and just the thing that my sports season needed to add to the list. So as the Pats finished up the season undefeated in New York, a game at which I attended, valiant effort by the Giant I must say, but not enough to stop the best team of all time. I saw Moss and Brady set the all time TD record in person and an undefeated NFL Season. So then the pats roll through the post season and win it all and that was another great scene for me.
The NEW YORK  GIANTS, my favorite team in all the land decide they aren’t going to let it happen. They stop my most hated team of all time from becoming the greatest team of all time. Living in Boston I can’t tell you how sweet it is. I heard more crap from people about how good they were, how bad we were going to lose, how the first game was a fluke, (38-35 Pats)

Here were things that I didn’t hear, How big the ego of  Bellichek is, How much heart the the patriots players lacked and how they feel entitled that they were going to win the championship, how sick the pats fans are that watched the game, how badly the Giants D OWNED the pats offense/5 sacks. How good this felt to hear all types of chatter and then watch them not deliver because of one team and one goal. THE G-MEN

The Patriots 16-0 game was a great experience.  Sitting at the game, when the Giants were winning and I knew it was to good to be true, we got up to early and the Pats do have some tremendous firepower. Anyway it was a great effort that showed them what they were capable of. The playoff run was great, We rolled the Bucs and shut ronde barber up, he and his twin brother are probably at home with their feet in there mouth right now.
Then we went to Dallas who had beaten us twice and played a great game. Amani Toomer cemented his Giants legacy with big plays and we got to see Terrel Owens cry. (Double Win) This kept the Giants moving onto the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field, the crown jewel of the National Football League.
It was the coldest game I’ve ever watched but the giants were pretty hot, everyone except Tynes actually. We had some big plays and made a couple bad ones. However, when it matter we picked the gunslinger, and tynes ran out and finally kicked one. We were going back to play the greatest team ever and the superbowl 42 champs, the pats. oh wait they hadn’t actually won yet they were just crowned by the media.

The talk leading up to the game was insane, everyone talking and talking but they didn’t back it up. I went back to home to watch the game as to not be with my annoying roomates.
Then the Giants did the unthinkable, they manhandled the patriots and sacked Tom Brady all day. Pressure all day, all they could eat baby. Although the Giants O wasn’t playing stellar it would get its chance to take the game. Our Golden Boy, Eli Manning who we had spent many picks on, who Accorsi loved, our guy we traded for, our franchise, would have the opportunity to lead us down the field for a victory and that is all you can ask for. Eli took us all the way. With some of the most amazing plays of all time, including an amazing escape and even better catch by David Tyree. Then a great strike to Plax led to us defeating the Patriots, the trademark 19-0 and the spirit of everyone in New England. I couldnt have been happier. Maybe someday when I have children or something but this was amazing.
Suddenly it was only silence from all my haters. Bliss

So then it moved onto the C’s 66-16 season.
Even the bruins were in the playoffs, and we had a free 200 dollar bar tab to watch their game 7 defeat after a great rally came up short.
At college, we won a dodgeball championship by going a perfect 19-0. I’m not lying. This was my first intramural championship and earned me the elusive t-shirt.
Oh Yeah, John Lester threw a no hitter on the last day of school.
Oh Yeah, BC Hockey won a national title, and the beanpot.
NCAA Lax titles were at Foxborough, 3 great games, including Syracuse taking it home.
Graduated college, at 21, then watched the Celtics complete this magical run.
So my sports year has been completed and it has been quite possibly the best of all time for anyone.
I needed to document it because alot of people don’t get to see championships like this. Do you realize how crazy this is. 3 Titles, some great events, all in a great year. Magic
My Teams might not win again for a long time, but it doesn’t matter because I have seen all the titles I could dream for this year.
Although I sure hope my fortune stays GOLDEN. and Green and Red, and Big Blue


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