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April 1, 2008 / zachfarley

Corporation Dodgeball Completes Perfect Season

Corporation Dodgeabll Completes Undefeated Season

History was made on Wednesday night when the Corporation completed the first ever undefeated dodgeball season in the history of Westfield State College (19-0.) After completing an undefeated regular season, the Corporation made the playoff bracket seem like a mere formality as they earned the right to celebrate their second straight championship.

In the first round of the playoffs, the Corporation defeated the play-in game winner easily. Moving on to the second round the Corporation beat 2 thru 7 in a quick match 4-1.

With reigning league MVP Ed Annino, and the off-season additions of Marcus Henry, Zach Farley, and Noah Wade the Corporation was expected to repeat as champions.

“We saw the patriots and how they were able to win during their run this year, but when they chocked we knew we could learn from their mistakes and become the first and only true dodgeball dynasty in Westfield history.” said hard throwing senior Steve Gibbons.

The Corporation stressed good fundamentals and ball control during the season. They were able to put numerous line-ups on the court and win regardless of who could show up to the game.

“Their was a clear consensus among dodgeball fans that this was going to be the team to beat all year, but nobody thought that they would be this good.” said junior Rob Wayne, “I was really “jonesing” to see them win it all.”

In the semi-finals the Corporation played the Brew Crew who had a solid record and some hard throwing talent. The Corporation went up early and finished them off 4-2.

“We were able to key in on their one or two good players and take them out of their game.” said senior Jared Walsh who made big catches all year.

In the finals, the Corporation was hoping to meet the second seed Ballz Deep who had given them their hardest game during the regular season, but they were shockingly upset by the A-Team in the second round.

“We knew the A-Team would come into the finals hot but we remained focused and took care of business.” said senior Pete Rizzo.

The Corporation was able to complete the perfect season with a 4-1 victory in the finals and complete the dream season for its completely senior squad.

“All year everyone thought we were a little bit too cocky, whether it was bringing sparkling cider on ice to the final four games, flexing mid game, or challenging other players to throwoffs, that was all just a way to bother other team while we stayed focused and played our game which was winning dodgeball championships.” said Corporation superstar Ed Annino. “That T-shirt is going to feel extra soft knowing it’s a 19-0 shirt.”


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