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July 11, 2007 / zachfarley

The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Things In Sports Games

The top 10 most ridiculous things in sports games

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Over the years, sports games have developed into realistic accounts of our favorite games. Although, it hasn’t always been like this because in certain games that one thing like a specific play, feature, or player gets tweaked too strong or unrealistic. Here are the 10 craziest things in sports games to date. Good and bad.


10. Charlotte Hornets-NBA Jam. Grandmama Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning combo is unreal. You have blocking, dunking, 3’s, speed, and strength in the toughest Jam team on the planet. Hands down put money on them as the best combo in all of the Jam and T.E. Games!


9. JJ Redick- March Madness 2006- I understand that he is a heck of a shooter in real life, however he will nearly always make 3’s in this game even with the double team in his face. Having a brother as a Duke fan led to some serious battles in this game but nearly every Redick shot was cash money. Ridiculous


8. Hardest Setting-NBA Live 05- The same as other difficulty modes of the game except for one slight issue. Every single guard and forward manages to stroke 3’s. To the point where you rub your eyes and wonder if its JJ Redick again. Not totally uncommon to see players only rated in the seventies stroke 6-6 from behind the arc. One thing about hard modes on sports games is they aren’t really more challenging and you end up feeling used when you are all done playing. “Wow I cant believe Shaq just hit 7 half court shots in one quarter, sweet game”.


7. San Fransisco 49ers -Tecmo Super Bowl. What a team, they had it on both sides of the ball. Joe Montana led the charge and often connected with the most unstoppable video game receiver ever, Jerry Rice. On defense there was Bill Romonowski, and of course the monster Ronnie Lott. What a team, the only team that would consistently beat me in my attempt to win the big one.


6. Corner Routes-Madden 02-05- You know these routes where the receiver breaks to the sideline and seems to always be open would lead to huge passing days and there was nothing that the defense could even do about it. You would know that player x was running it and couldn’t stop it. The double drag play to Shannon Sharpe in the broncos offense almost made me come to fisticuffs with a friend too many times. Don’t worry I had Peerless Price out of the singleback tight formation right back at him.


5. Screen Pass- Madden 2000’s – The fact that when you attempt to swing out a pass to the running back in any madden and it either hits him in the back or he is out of bounds when he catches it is silly. You think EA may have realized this and not left it in for the last 5 installments of madden? Shouldn’t there be laws against this?


4. The Option-NCAA College Football 2003- Using Nebraska in this game was huge because the option was so overpowered. Even with the line stacked you could run the strong option out of the I-Form and almost always pick up big chuncks of yards. The reason is because they made the pitch button to easy to use. You could pitch while going down, rarely fumble and pitch it very far. This made for some great plays and a lot of frustrated friends.


3. The Move-NHL 94- You know the move. Grab the puck head to the boards on the right and then cut across the front of the goal for the score. Its that easy and a guaranteed goal every time. Especially when using the dominant Chicago Blackhawks, Jeremy Roenick, Steve Larmer, Steve Smith, Chris Chelios, and Eddie the eagle Belfour exposed this weakness in my favorite hockey game.


2.Da Bomb- NFL Blitz- This was a great play because you had one play streak across and always seem to be open. Two others went deep and one was always open. All routes usually picked up the 30 yard first down and your qb could also roll out. Money Play! Me and this play were 73-0 in NFL Blitz.


1.Bo Jackson- Tecmo Superbowl- You have heard it 10 million times about how unstoppable Bo is. Even when picking the offenses play Bo can still break beyond the line and pick up yards. The ultimate test is to take Bo back and forth from your goaline to the td line then all they way back doing that patented Tecmo weave and try and make it the whole quarter in just one play. Bo is a beast.


There it is folks, the 10 reasons you probably broke a controller or a friends nose. These little things are instrumental in the development of sports games as they let us learn what needs tweaking each year. Game on!


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